Big Adventure Travel Company was established by a bunch of serious world travellers in 2015. We have experience in 90+ countries.  Our mission is to provide tailored, adventure travel “experiences” for those clients who seek to not only see the world, but to LIVE it. We are dedicated to “off the beaten path” expeditions, with an added sense of old world charm and culture. In this present age of “prepackaged everything”, we hope to revive the art of exploration.

We act as your private travel concierge before your expedition, helping to arrange everything from business visas to elephant rides in the jungle, and offer guided custom tours, as well as a 24 hour emergency telephone contact during your travel.  We currently have five experienced, travel professionals based in the US to serve you, with 20+ operational staff based around the globe.

In 2017, Big Adventures expanded to include an Outfitter store, focused on equipping our travelers to go and explore. We offer a range of high quality outdoor apparel and gear at an affordable cost, with the end goal of making your dream adventures a reality.



Allison has 12 years of travel experience, by trial, error, and exploration. She has lived in Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the US. Some say that her love for travel began in elementary school, with a fascination for geography and culture. However, her first opportunities to explore the globe came during her time at Auburn University when she interned for a semester in East Africa, and did two semesters abroad in Europe. Hello, World!

She has experience booking travel and leading tours on 5 continents… And before starting Big Adventures, she worked in the world of international construction for 7 years, contributing on design/build projects in 28 different countries. Her passion is for the road less travelled!



ANNE OAKS, Office Manager

Anne joined the Big Adventures team in April of 2017, bringing with her valuable experience in operations, human resources and office management. She's a traveler by nature, having been born in Mexico, moving to Canada as a child, and later to the United States after marriage. Anne has also enjoyed spending time in the Bahamas and Honduras. 

Anne holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and dreams of experiencing theater and art in many countries. 


TAMMY OWENS, Director of Travel Services

Tammy joins the Big Adventures team with an extensive knowledge of the travel industry. She has an adventurous spirit that has lead her to explore new places, meet new people and learn about their culture. She has past experience working for a major airline and in planning group and corporate travel. Experiencing the world is important to Tammy, evident by her journeys to 38 different countries. 

Tammy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Management and a Master's Degree in Education. In the future, she hopes to learn a second language.


HANNAH DUNN, Travel Designer

Hannah has a deep love for breathing the air of new places, and that love has taken her all over the world. She developed a love for travel beginning in high school, and has since spent time in the Caribbean, Middle East, Asia, and Europe, and lived internationally for one year. Hannah firmly believes that experiencing new cultures and different ways of life is of utmost importance.

Hannah holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and hopes to one day be fluent in other languages. 


KATE KRENKEL, Travel Designer

Kate is passionate about travel, and wants to help others experience the world. She has a love for other cultures, adventures, and new experiences. Kate has traveled to 12 different countries and dreams to go to many more. 

Kate is a graduate of the University of Georgia. She and her husband, Drew, also own a woodworking business.







BRANDON OAKS, Store Manager, Outfitter

Brandon has been a great addition to the Big Adventures team by bringing oodles of experience in traveling the globe. Along with traveling and living in Asia for 3 months, he has spent the past 5 years traveling to 11 different countries. He lives by the motto "Sometimes you have to live in order to know you're alive". Brandon is the mastermind and coordinator behind our Outfitter store venture, acting as Store Manager.

Brandon holds a a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and dreams of opening a surf shop in the future.





KELSEY COOPER, Marketing Coordinator; Buyer, Outfitter

Kelsey’s fascination with travel and culture began in the pages of books, reading stories of uncharted places and adventures abroad. After her first experience traveling internationally in college, Kelsey developed a love for hearing the stories of people and places across the world. With 6 years travel experience, she spent a season living in East Africa.

Kelsey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and has experience in journalism, public relations and visual media. 


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